2004 Preservation Alliance Award - Merchants' Row, 59-6 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA. - Honoring: Yaron Properties, Inc. Developer, wesleyArchitects, Inc. Architect, Oxford Construction Development, Inc., Construction Manager

Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia
2004 Preservation Achievment Award
Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia
The Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia actively promotes the appreciation, protection, and revitalization of the Philadelphia region's historic buildings, communities, and landscapes. A nonprofit membership organization, the Alliance leads in setting the agenda for preservation issues of regional importance and advocates strong public preservation policies. The Preservation Alliance also provides technical assistance and educational materials to improve the quality of restoration and maintenance of historic buildings and sites, and fosters understanding and appreciation of the cultural, social and economic benefi ts of historic preservation.

Merchants' Row is the name given to four adjacent fi ve-story buildings on 3rd Street in Philadelphia's historic Old City. Originally used by merchants and wholesalers, the property was restored and adapted last year as 19 apartments and ground-level retail spaces by Yaron Properties.The section at the corner of 3rd and Arch Streets is a 1852 Italianatestyle cast-iron façade; two doors down 3rd Street is a circa 1860 brownstone building (photo, right), and sandwiched between the two is a 1926 tapestry-brick storefront. The properties were vacant and deteriorating for many years and required major restoration of the severely eroded brownstone and cast iron. This group of three fi ve-story, mid-19th-century buildings in Old City Philadelphia were abandoned and deteriorating for many years until developer Michael Yaron of Yaron Properties restored and redeveloped them as Merchants' Row, consisting of nineteen apartments, two commercial spaces, and a sidewalk café. Not only did the two-year project return the buildings back to economic use, but also helped revitalize this important urban corner. The jury was particularly impressed with the quality of the exterior restoration which brought back the glory of the commercial buildings by meticulously repairing, cleaning, stabilizing and - in the case of the many missing details - replicating the original architectural features.

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